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Hey, Lynn here . . . thanks for checking out my blog review of the Fuhrman Diet and his book  Eat To Live; which was written by none other than nutritarian expert Dr. Joel Fuhrmant.

First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest summary of how Dr. Fuhrman's lose weight diet program works. What you are about to read are the ESSENTIAL details that you need to know before grabbing a copy of the book for yourself.

This is a review site: Click Here for more on his New York Times Best Seller that will let you live longer, reduce medications and improve health.

                                          Weight Diet ProgramI was really serious about losing weight and the correct ways of eating. I never thought there were possible ways to lose weight naturally and lower cholesterol without having to eat low-carb or low-fat crap. Plus, I didn’t want to eat any more diet foods that were not healthy. I wanted a nutritional lose weight diet program to lose fat! I wanted a lose weight diet program that was simplely an eating plan; diet recipes that could help me lose weight. What I found was a true method and tips that worked on fat loss.

Instead of doing something I hated and drove me crazy, I did something I loved to do . . . Eat! But at the same time help me become healthier and in better shape. So if you ever had a dream where you saw yourself as a skinny person compared to the person you presently are, you are in luck. For I was there too and I can’t be more pleased to give the Dr. Fuhrman Diet a thumbs up for his book Eat to Live. Click Here to read more about his books.
Imagine looking, feeling, and performing to your ultimate best. The first step to get this way is to take responsibility for your own fitness program. I now eat to live with healthy food and eating plans that continually help me lose weight. I am trying to live the rest of my life pain and medication free!
Lose Weight Diet Program

With the Fuhrman lose weight diet program, emphases is on the importance of good nutrition. With that you can . . .

  • reduce blood pressure

  • lose weight

  • reverse diseases

  • lower cholesterol

  • prevent cancer and heart disease

. . . without relying on fad diets or drugs.

Why do I believe in what Dr. Fuhrman offers? That's easy! His advanced nutritional advice based on sound scientific research.

I am going to regress a bit here to try and explain…way back in the early 70’s, I had a fertilizing company in Idaho. And my company’s focus was on balancing the soil’s nutrients to the crops that the farmer was going to plant – and we were doing it Organically!

The same goes for the body. If you are just eating what we get in the grocery store, you are not getting the complete balance in foods by purchasing the staples of meat, potatoes and bread! Farmers mainly use just the 3 major nutrients on their soils, namely NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium); and you wonder why our food is so bland. The soil and our bodies are almost alike - in fact, weren't we made from the dust? Therefore our bodies, like the soil, need ALL (about 96) of the Micro-nutrients from arsenic to zink.

Lose Weight Diet Program
Secrets to Healthy Cooking
To make a long story short, if the soil doesn’t have the minerals that the plants need, then neither does the food we eat when it’s harvested!  Therefore by careful selections of foods we can get a balance in nutrition. Then we lose weight, build muscle, burn the fat, and become healthier.

Dr. Fuhrman's lose weight diet program emphasizes enjoying and eating more nutritious and better tasting foods which in turn helps weight loss.

That's why the Fuhrman Diet is so interesting to me and highly recommended – healthy food to lose weight by and you don't have to starve. Click here to read more about the Fuhrman Diet on their website.

To Your Success,
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Lose Weight Diet Program
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