My Alternative Diet

Lose 9 Lbs. Every 11 Days

Crude Name

I don’t want to sound insensitive for what I’m about to tell you, for I was a bit taken back at first too by its name. The official name of this one-of-a-kind diet is called, “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” . . . now you know what I mean!

When I was researching for a weight loss program, I happened upon it and I grimaced and quickly dodged the site and kept looking. Then I was making a joke out of it and come to find out that there were a lot of people on this diet and they were really losing weight – FAST! In fact there have been and are now several million people on it since

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Fat Burning Hormones

its beginning in 2010. Want more about it? Click here for this easy reading official website.

My Opinion For Successful Dieting

I believe that all diet plans have specific principles or rules and they are to be observed if weight loss is expected. “Anyone who commits to follow ANY diet plan to lose weight has already set a mental attitude and begins to watch their eating habits“. Therefore it really doesn’t matter what diet program they follow, as long as it seems to be compatible to their life-style, time, and availability of foods on the menus.

Why didn’t I go on it? I wanted to spend more money! No not really, I was looking for more personable attention because of my age and health issues (66, heart disease, and osteoarthritis). The Dr Fuhrman Diet Plan had just what I wanted and needed – specific foods for specific problems. But the Fat Loss 4 Idiots would have been my best second choice.

The Big Idea

Fat Loss 4 Idiots encourages eating something every 3 hours or so, but what is eaten today should not equal what is eaten tomorrow. With the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet, choose the types of foods enjoyed most from their list, and then their online “diet generator” creates an eleven day meal plan that incorporates “calorie shifting“.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots provides the online Diet Generator from which the foods are chosen from two lists – one is proteins, the other mostly fruits and vegetables. Some recipes need preparation and instructions are provided, while most are eaten raw or plain.

Each day different food types are eaten which is the main focus of the this diet. For instance, on certain days the diet focuses primarily on eating fruit, and other days the focus is on protein and so forth.

The concept is relatively simple to grasp, however their online diet generator must be used to ensure that meal plans incorporate calorie shifting, which is the principle idea of Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

After logging into the member’s area you are redirected to ““.  After choosing the foods from the 2 lists provided, a eleven-day set of menus are generated and three days where you can eat anything. You can repeat this 2 week cycle or generate a different one.

Some of the food combinations the diet generator comes up with may be things never eaten together at the same time, which then can make things very interesting.

The Price Tag

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a simple online only membership diet guide. Not to much more than that is offered which is unlike many other online diet plans I encountered, and which were a lot more costly.

This easy diet plan guide called the diet generator, maintains that you can lose 9 pounds every 11 days by following their 10 simple rules. You have three different diets to choose from i.e., 3-month membership is $56.00, only $39 if you don’t purchase the “Beyond Calories” ebook.

This Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet is really quite succinct and doesn’t have a lot of material like articles or stuffing to fill you with hype and promises. It is cut to the core of what you want to lose…weight! The content is worth the purchase if you can take advantage of the program and make it a part of life for the rest of your life.

In Conclusion

The efficiency of any diet plan or program is very basic math,

  • 1) eating less food will make you lose weight; or more realistic
  • 2) burn more calories than you consume

You may feel a bit cheated when it comes to online support. With the exception of logging on help, there is nothing else to expect from Fat Loss 4 Idiots. It’s all up to you to be committed to log on and generate your meal plans.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots will be good for some and not so for others. It is a no frills, no hype, or high tech pill or magic system; rather a easy diet plan guide that anyone can quickly adapt to. My caution to anyone who uses this diet plan though, learns from it and continues to eat healthy or there is a danger of regaining what was lost. The biggest benefit with Fat Loss 4 Idiots is better health if you continue with what you have learned.

Click here to check out Fat Loss 4 Idiots official website.
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